Five Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2023

Our Team

Larry Taylor

Group Leader & Mentor

Larry has over 35 years of executive experience as a Board Chair, business investor and CEO, with a strong track record of growing and leading financial services, technology and professional services firms.

Larry previously served as CEO of Travelex Americas and as President of Dollar Financial Canada (Money Mart Financial Services Group). As a former Managing Partner at Ernst & Young, Larry gained broad management consulting experience assisting various multinational and regional companies in the transformation of their organizations. An experienced investor, Larry also works with private equity firms and both public and private organizations to create superior shareholder value.

Larry is well-versed in effective corporate governance and has served as Board Chair, Advisory Board Chair and Independent Board Member for several publicly traded and private companies. He has also served as Chair on numerous Board Committees—including Audit & Risk, Compensation, Governance, Restructuring and Special Committees of the Board.

Currently, Larry is Board Chair and Governance and Compensation Committee Chair for VIQ Solutions Inc.; Board Chair, Audit Committee Chair, Special Committee Chair and Governance Committee Chair for Spark Power Corporation; Board Chair and Audit Committee Chair for Swarmio Media Inc.; and Audit Committee Chair for Drone Delivery. Former Board positions include Board Chair and investor for Green Energy Cooperative of Ontario; Independent Board Member, Audit Committee and Governance Committee for Continental Bank of Canada; Advisory Board Chair for Spark Power Corporation; Independent Board Member for CBV Collection Services Ltd.; Independent Board Member for Kubra Data Transfer Ltd.; and Audit Committee Chair and Restructuring Committee Chair for CRS Electronics Inc.