Blair Schmidt

Blair spent 16 years of his corporate career with Sysco Canada. As President of Sysco Winnipeg for over five years, Blair provided collaborative and dynamic leadership to 250+ employees—increasing productivity while significantly decreasing operating expenses. Blair’s ability to grow market share and customer base while maintaining service level excellence to over 2500 food service customers resulted in record sales and profitability in 2018, and an overall increase in annual revenue from $288M to $375M during his tenure.


Previous senior positions with Sysco Canada include Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and Director, Merchandising, with Sysco Calgary.  Blair also served as General Manager of Weston Foods in Winnipeg.


An accomplished senior leader, Blair excels at identifying underlying issues and then problem solving to develop optimal solutions. His operational expertise includes strategic planning and forecasting, sales and marketing management, profit and loss management, and procurement management.


Currently based in Calgary, Blair holds a BAC in Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan.


CEOs who have the opportunity to work with Blair will benefit from the depth and breadth of his experience and his commitment to helping CEOs succeed.