Our Group Leaders and Mentors

CEOs Helping CEOs Succeed


The learning gained by CEOs from having an outstanding CEO as a Group Leader and Mentor is powerful.


Our Group Leader selection process is second to none. Every CEO Global Network Group Leader and Mentor has been a successful CEO or business leader with bottom-line responsibility, and understands the unique challenges associated with leading and growing a company in today’s rapidly changing business environment.


To become a CEO Global Network Group Leader or Mentor, they had to pass through a rigorous and comprehensive screening process to ensure that they had the right experience and ideal personality traits that would best serve our Members.


A key characteristic shared by each of our Group Leaders and Mentors is their desire to selflessly contribute to the growth and success of business leaders from both a personal and business perspective.


We maintain a disciplined approach to the training of Group Leaders and Mentors, with an emphasis on the values and culture of our organization and the needs of our membership. The CEO Global Network process ensures that we have only top-quality Group Leaders and Mentors across our entire organization.