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Michael Grochmal, President


Shouyi Ma, President & CEO

Hanson Canada

Marcia Mayhew, President & CEO


Jason Colbert, President & COO


Member Testimonials

“I wish I learned sooner in my career how a CEO peer group could provide an opportunity to share with, learn from, and collaborate with other like-minded executives. CEO Global Network has provided me this forum and has exposed me to a diverse range of experiences from other CEOs. I was surprised at how relevant the issues of a CEO in a different industry can be to my business. My group gives me the opportunity to present individual challenges and dilemmas to other executives who can provide unique and fresh perspectives and gives me a chance to discuss strategy, vision, and the big picture for my business. I have experienced early on that honest input from multiple sources in my CEO peer group helps me see a more accurate portrait of my industry and the market as a whole than is possible from working within my individual business. I am a true believer that CEO peer groups and forums are an excellent outlet for all CEOs to share and learn. With a diverse range of perspectives, a chance to step back and see the big picture, and a climate of honesty and accountability, you can utilize these groups to take your organization and professional career to the next level. That is my plan!”

Daryn McLean, President & CEO

Moore McLean Insurance Group Ltd.

“Why am I a proud Member of CEO Global Network? For me, the most important reasons are accountability, personal and professional growth, support and advice. Whether it is the confidential mutual sharing of key indicators with the Group, or receiving advice on strategic or tactical issues, or learning from a world-class presenter; the monthly meetings are not to be missed. And the monthly one-to-one with the Group Leader provides the extra confidential accountability and support that every CEO needs. Participation in CEO Global Network is both a challenge and a breath of fresh air.”

Dean Martin, Chairman

Melmart Distributors Inc

“As we tread through unchartered economic territory, being able to draw on the wisdom of other CEOs on similar journeys and having CEO Global Network helping with the navigation is extremely helpful.”

Hugh MacKinnon, Chairman & CEO

Bennet Jones LLP

“It took me nearly six months to decide if I wanted to be a member of a group of CEOs that would potentially help me to achieve my goals more efficiently. I struggled with the concept that other CEOs would take an interest in me and my company and provide constructive criticism with the sole purpose of helping me continue to be a better leader. Having now been a Member for over three years, I can definitively say that I only wish I had joined earlier. The level of learning, commitment, accountability and unbiased clarity and feedback received as part of CEO Global Network has enabled me to achieve my goals more efficiently and accomplish more, while maintaining a better work/life balance. My CEO Group has assisted in enabling me to weather some very critical storms that I hadn’t seen coming nor was prepared for, or equipped to deal with. It is due to the support of my Group, the hands-on learning I have experienced, and the ability to tap into other business leaders from different backgrounds and experiences, that I have, and continue to achieve both my professional and personal goals.”

Peter Reaume, President


“The challenge of running a business in today’s environment is not something that my B-school education had fully prepared me for. Nor is it enough to rely on good old common sense. This is where CEO Global Network really helps me. The benefits of having a group of fellow CEOs around the table or on the phone when you need them, combined with the mentorship of our CEO Group Leader has been crucial to the success of my organization. The perspectives gained, the constant learning, and the way in which we hold each other accountable has helped my company achieve successive years of record sales and income. I have definitely become a better leader and my team has improved along with me. Plus, we have a little fun along the way, all of which helps me keep my business and personal challenges in the proper perspective.”

Jamie Moody, President

Tree of Life Canada

“At CEO Global Network I have the privilege to share my personal and business issues with 15 exceptional business leaders that challenge my thoughts and guide my decisions, which has proven to be invaluable for my company and myself. Interaction with this trusted group of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences along with my monthly two-hour session with my CEO Group Leader provides me with terrific insight that has enabled me to excel.”

Chris Gower, Executive V.P.

PCL Contractors

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Faster growth and greater success come from learning from others who have walked a similar path. At the top, every leader’s opportunities and challenges are the same.