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Membership Overview

Membership Overview

CEO Global Network works to significantly improve the success and lives of CEOs and executives, their families and their companies.

The interests of our Members always come first. No matter what their definition of success, we are dedicated to helping them get there faster, and with greater results. Everything we do as an organization is driven by finding the most effective means of providing our Members with the tools, resources, environment, and people they need to succeed.

Our membership program combines the benefits of peer group learning, one-to-one mentoring, and focused learning events within a targeted curriculum to increase accountability, reduce isolation, accelerate growth, and propel CEOs and executives to greater success.

Our Members lead Canada’s fastest-growing and most successful companies. They are an elite group of successful individuals who have committed to working with other CEOs and our experienced Group Leaders to develop action plans for improving their success on all levels – in their businesses, as well as in their personal and family lives. Our involvement simply helps them get there faster and achieve greater success.

“The most valuable thing about my membership is the relationships I have formed. I have a board behind me. I have a group of individuals that I know believe in my business, who want to see Mayhew and myself be successful, and they are constantly looking for ways to help me improve.”

Marcia Mayhew, President & CEO, Mayhew Inc. 

CEO Global Network Member since 2010

Is CEO Global Network Right For You?

Faster growth and greater success come from learning from others who have walked a similar path. At the top, every leader’s opportunities and challenges are the same.