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Meet the Team

Meet the CEO Global Network Team

CEOs Helping CEOs Succeed

The knowledge and experience imparted by our elite group of CEO Global Network Group Leaders and Mentors is nothing short of transformative for Members.

Our selection process is unrivaled in its strict standards, only recruiting the most successful and accomplished CEOs who possess the necessary acumen to navigate today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

These industry veterans have undergone a rigorous and comprehensive screening process to ensure they possess the ideal combination of experience and personality traits to best serve Members. Their selfless dedication to the growth and success of fellow business leaders, both personally and professionally, is a defining characteristic of our Group Leaders and Mentors.

Our training and development program is unparalleled in its discipline and focus on instilling the values and culture of our organization while catering to the unique needs of our membership. The CEO Global Network process guarantees that Members have access to only the highest calibre of Group Leaders and Mentors across our organization.

“The fact that the Group Leaders have a vast amount of experience in building and running companies is very beneficial. I have them as a sounding board for any issues or opportunities that arise in my business, and since they have been through similar issues themselves, I can get to that success quicker.”

Jason Colbert, President & COO, MediaFace

CEO Global Network Member since 2017

The CEO Global Network Team

The CEO Global Network Advisory Board

Rick Fitzgerald

Retired President & CEO, Diageo Canada Inc.

Chris Gower

Deputy CEO,
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

Jim Greenwood

Retired Vice President, Gordon Food Service Canada Company Inc.

Wendy Hayes

Retired Managing Director, Apple Inc.

Hugh L. Mackinnon

Retired Chairman and CEO,
Bennett Jones LLP.

Rick McClelland

Retired President, CEO and Chairman, Dynamex

Ron Mcintosh

Group Leader and Chief Strategy Officer, CEO Global Network

Jen Wilson

Chief Operating Officer,
CEO Global Network

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Faster growth and greater success come from learning from others who have walked a similar path. At the top, every leader’s opportunities and challenges are the same.