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We understand that at some point, at least one dramatic change will occur in the life or career of every CEO and Executive—an event that will serve as a catalyst for a change in direction, whether professionally, personally, or both. This inflection point could come in the form of retirement; from selling, merging, or passing down a business; a new boss; a traumatic or life-changing personal situation; or experiencing a deeply rooted desire to do something completely different.

What do you do when one chapter of your life or work has ended and the next has yet to materialize? Where can you go as a CEO or Executive at a crossroads for experienced guidance and support? How should you move forward?

What is the right NEXT STEP?

The CEO Global Network NEXT STEP Program … An exclusive program for business leaders in transition

The CEO Global Network NEXT STEP program provides a safe, welcoming, and confidential environment for leaders in transition to reassess the trajectory of their lives and careers and gain thoughtful perspectives and opinions to help move forward with confidence and purpose.

As with all CEO Global Network programs, NEXT STEP harnesses the power of peer group learning. Each group will be comprised of no more than six participants and will be facilitated by CEO Global Network Group Leader & Mentor Hugh Coppen—a successful CEO and seasoned business leader with extensive experience coaching and mentoring global executives in transition. 

By engaging in deep conversations that explore the transitional challenges of others, participants will not only contribute to successful outcomes for their peers but will gain revitalized self-discovery and valuable insights into their own possible NEXT STEP.

NEXT STEP Groups meet virtually for 90 minutes once a week for six consecutive weeks. In addition to the six Group meetings, each participant will receive a two-hour, one-on-one transition coaching session with Hugh.

The cost of this six-week NEXT STEP Program is $1,950.

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