*Next Session starts June 2021*

Global Leadership Training Program

Today’s ever-changing business environment has resulted in a pronounced need for lifelong learning. To maintain a competitive advantage, companies must continuously refine and expand their knowledge and skills. To succeed, companies must create a leadership ‘A’ team and invest in their ongoing development to keep them at the top of their game.


CEO Global Network has been training business leaders in Ontario for over ten years. Our exclusive training programs focus on learning that is absolutely essential for leaders at all levels. Our training has been developed through extensive practical experience with many of Canada’s highest-performing business leaders and is based on proven best practices and management tools.


The Program


The Global Leadership Training Program will improve the skills and performance of anyone in your company who is leading people.


The objective of this training program is to improve and build on the analytical tools, leadership expertise, and management skills of executives and managers to make them more successful in getting the results needed to strengthen and grow your business.


Participants will achieve increasingly advanced abilities to:

  • Use the best information to make quality decisions
  • Understand the motives and competencies of those around them
  • Find and keep ‘A’ players
  • Build and lead strong, functional teams
  • Resolve strategic challenges to achieve strategic initiatives
  • Take responsibility and get results
  • Drive change
  • And dramatically improve a company’s performance!


Our proven Leadership Training Program curriculum optimizes the development of essential leadership principles, methods and procedures, allowing participants to contribute significantly to the ongoing success of their companies in a meaningful way.


This is a targeted curriculum focused on the three major leadership imperatives for high performance: 


  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

This is the single biggest predictor of leadership success. Emotional intelligence is five times more important than traditional intelligence, technical skill and experience. These can’t be underestimated but emotional intelligence is the differentiator. Successful managers effectively manage others because they understand and manage their own emotions. You can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself.


  • Building the ‘A’ Team

Every successful leader has developed a team of high performers to create the ‘A’ team – a team that trusts each other, is committed to the team, holds each other accountable, allows productive conflict to occur and, most importantly, gets things done.


  • Developing a Culture of Accountability and Getting Results

Communication and clarity are both key to creating a culture of accountability and getting results. It is critical to clearly define and communicate goals and responsibilities. Managers must get results, and to get results leaders must hold themselves and their team accountable.


The program includes 40 hours of participative leadership training sourcing the most respected thought leaders. This is broken down into 10, four-hour peer group sessions over 10 months. Each participant also receives a monthly, 30-minute, one-to-one coaching session with their trainer to answer any questions, follow up on action items and ensure learning of major principles of each topic.


A Progress Checklist is provided every other month to the CEO or corporate leader of each participant.


Training Themes & Dates for Each Session


  • SESSION 1: Leadership Imperatives | Tuesday, June 15, 2021
  • SESSION 2: Skills Development in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) and Self-Awareness | Tuesday, July 13
  • SESSION 3: Dysfunctions of a Team | Tuesday, August 17
  • SESSION 4: Culture of Accountability, Conflict Resolution and The Numbers | Tuesday, September 14
  • SESSION 5: Lead with Communication Strengths | Tuesday, October 19
  • SESSION 6: Building the “A” Team, Team Deployment and Allocation of Talent | Tuesday, November 16
  • SESSION 7: High Performance Attraction and Retention | Tuesday, December 14
  • SESSION 8: Leading High Performing Teams | Tuesday, January 18, 2022
  • SESSION 9: Sharpening Communications Skills | Tuesday, February 15
  • SESSION 10: Driving Innovation and Leading Change | Tuesday, March 15


Our Trainers


Training is delivered by CEO Global Network Group Leaders, Mentors and Partners including Lenna Bradburn, Randy GarfieldDavid Garton, Linda Kern, Jamelle Lindo, Tony MartinoRon McIntosh, Rob MeikleDarren MunnichJohn Piercy, and George Torok. To better engage participants and assist with lesson recall, they share their own real-world experiences and stories to help illustrate and augment the learning.



The total cost of this training program is $6,500 (+ taxes if applicable) for each participant.

All training and coaching sessions are delivered remotely.