GREAT CEOs and HOW THEY ARE MADE: The Seven Imperatives


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a senior executive on your way to the top seat,

the ‘Seven Imperatives’ will help you to learn, grow, and succeed—in business and in life.

The Seven Imperatives are:



Emotional Intelligence: understanding yourself and others

The Ability to Inspire: generating and communicating a great vision

Building the A Team: finding and keeping the right people

Accountability: taking responsibility and getting things done

Great CEO Tools: using the best information to make quality decisions

Perfect Balance: identifying and creating your perfect work–life balance

The CEO Connection: accepting the support and knowledge of your peers

“GREAT CEOs and HOW THEY ARE MADE is an excellent resource for CEOs and anyone aspiring to be a CEO. This book redefines what it means to be Great and equips leaders at all levels with powerful, practical, and effective tools to help get them there.”
MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, New York Times best-selling author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


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Implementing the lessons and tools shared in the Seven Imperatives will help you to:


  • dramatically improve your company’s performance
  • better understand yourself and others
  • generate and communicate an inspiring vision
  • find and keep the A players
  • build and lead strong, functional teams
  • become more accountable, and foster an environment of accountability
  • use the best information to make quality decisions
  • identify and create your perfect work-life balance
  • learn, grow, succeed, and become Great!