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Our Team

Chris Terrio

Group Leader & Mentor

A global C-level executive and board member, Chris has over 30 years of leadership experience across Europe and North America within the CPG, Food & Beverage and Beverage Alcohol sectors, including a distinguished 16-year international career with Heineken International, where he served as General/Country Manager of Heineken Canada for four years.

Across his leadership roles, Chris has had a strong focus on business transformation, growth, and expansion.

As President of Trajectory Beverage Partners, Chris successfully expanded the firm’s international partnerships and implemented a complete business process transformation to increase topline revenue by 15%.

As President, CEO and Board Chair of CROSSMARK Canada, Chris successfully restructured the organization, led the North American integration of the Canadian Operating Company, and expanded the service offering to increase revenue streams in a highly competitive market.

As Managing Director, Brewed Beverages for Coca Cola Ltd., Chris transformed the business model and developed and implemented a strategic direction for sales, marketing, and a food service channel expansion that grew the company’s account base and significantly increased revenue.

And, as President of Consumer Impact Marketing—a privately held fully integrated Sales Management, Creative Marketing and Data Management Agency, Chris was responsible for the strategic leadership and geographic expansion into the U.S. market where he built and managed a field team of 150 people and grew the company’s U.S. revenues by 79% within a 10-month period.

Chris is passionate about corporate governance and oversight, and obtained his Chartered Director Certification from the Directors College at the DeGroote Business School of Management at McMaster University in March 2021.

Chris is now focused on enabling growth and development within businesses and in business leaders to help them realize operational and personal excellence.

An avid sports fan who is committed to family, community and charitable causes, Chris is a Senior Member of The Oakville Club, an active volunteer at The Daily Bread Food Bank, and a devoted husband and father to his wife Susan and their children—Kathryn, Sean and Gillian.

CEOs and Senior Executives who have the opportunity to work with Chris will benefit from the depth and breadth of business knowledge he has gained during his career and his commitment to helping others succeed.