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Our Team

Scott Ray

Group Leader & Mentor

Scott has over 25 years of strategic leadership experience consistently driving domestic and international expansion for companies such as IBM, Air Canada, Cineplex, LoyaltyOne, and Etihad Airways. His practical knowledge includes business development, revenue creation and management, customer experience, team building and corporate evolution.

Scott most recently served as Global Loyalty Head of Partnerships and Product innovation for Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi; building a team and amalgamating airline frequent flyer program brands for Etihad, Alitalia, Air Berlin, Jet Airways and others.  As VP International for LoyaltyOne (Alliance Data Systems) Scott and his team established operations and new partnerships in the Indian retail market. Reporting to the Board as founding Managing Director of the SCENE LP, Scott helped launch an entertainment loyalty program which surpassed enrollment targets by 200%.

Scott also led the Air Canada Aeroplan partner expansion into a broader retail coalition while expanding their offerings into B2B and employee incentives. This expansion fueled Aeroplan’s spinout from Air Canada via an industry first and highly successful IPO in 2005.

Scott has also served as Canadian Head and Executive Vice President at Mulberry Consulting, a global specialist in making leading companies more “customer intelligent” and as President & CEO of ProLessons; a digital media company leveraging sports celebrity content for brand marketing programs.

In addition to serving on a number of Advisory Boards for early stage companies, Scott is a founding Director of the Luce Initiative—a not-for-profit organization committed to accelerating the growth of early stage programs that provide critical mental health support services to individuals and families in immediate need.

Born in Montreal, Scott and his wife of over 30 years reside in Toronto and are the proud parents of three adult children.

CEOs who work with Scott will benefit from his global perspective and proven record of visionary leadership.