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Global Leadership Training Program Testimonials

From The Graduates:

“Each session brought to light a new learning opportunity that I was able to bring into my daily practices both personally and professionally. I truly enjoyed every session.”

Gurmit Bourque, Director, Transportation

Tree of Life

“I truly enjoyed the course, the speakers, and the facilitation by (the GLTP Trainers). I look forward to continuing my journey with CEO Global Network.”

Mark McEwan, Western Canada Regional Sales Director / Executive Chef

Food Service Solutions

“I found the program to be valuable for my career development and would highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.”

Marc Minicucci, Controller

Modern Niagara

“There were so many learning moments and tools throughout the course that will help me become a better, stronger leader. I appreciate all the knowledge, the (GLTP Trainers) passed on to us.”

Steve Meehan, Ontario Sales director and Corporate Chef

Food Service Solutions

“A big thank you for putting on an exceptional program! I learned a lot that I can and will use in my day-to-day activities at FSS.”

Megan Koehler, Marketing and Customer Service Manager

Food Service Solutions

“This truly was a life-changing and eye-opening program. I am grateful for having been able to take this course, and believe I have seen at least a 10% improvement in leadership performance. Not only did the GLTP improve my leadership skills, it also helped me better understand how the people around me perform, and how I can maximize their abilities to contribute as valuable team members.”

Jordan Assaraf, Barrister & Solicitor

Gluckstein LLP

“I just wanted to say how great the GLTP was. From the group breakout sessions (where we got to discuss “real life“ situations in confidence with our peers) to the guest speakers, and the LPI—all were excellent! I now have monthly one-to-ones with my team (which are so important in this virtual world), block my time, use the “9 box“ and have found my voice (a work in progress). Looking forward to the GLTP 2.0 sometime in the near future!”

Julia Gennaro, Marketing Manager – Food Service

Tree of Life Canada

“The Global Leadership Training Program has given me a new perspective on something I thought I had a handle on. Being a seasoned leader, the insight taken from the GLTP is helping me more effectively deal with the next generation.”

Dan Miller, Director of Field Operations

Jacobs Malcolm & Burtt

“The GLTP provides well-structured and highly interactive coaching sessions. All the topics covered so far have been very insightful and useful, and have strengthened my way of thinking in order to become a more effective, successful leader. My GLTP Trainers really make the lessons and 1-on-1 coaching sessions wonderful and engaging experiences. I’d like to highlight that the principles and techniques taught in the GLTP can be put into practice immediately and show positive results. I will use them on a continuous basis.”

Meng Xu, VP, Discovery


“My experience, although early in the Global Leadership Training Program, has already delivered an immediate positive impact on how I view my position, roles and responsibilities, and operational discipline. The program structure provides pre-work case studies, group breakout discussions with peers across industries, and practical actions to implement. I have no doubt I will come out of this experience a better leader.”

Rod Kath, VP of Sales Americas

Lattice Semiconductor

“The Global Leadership Training Program is the best personal and business investment I have made over the past decade. The course instructors are top-notch experienced executives who facilitate impactful interactions between course participants and outstanding, world-class subject matter experts. I’ve been working in and leading businesses my entire career—with an MBA and a deep commitment to lifelong learning. The new skills, knowledge and insights gained from the Global Leadership Training Program have allowed me to solve challenges that I’ve been grappling with for years. Thank you, CEO Global Network!”

Yvonne Brouwers, CAIP, CMC, MBA, President & CEO

Illumina Research Partners’

“The breadth and depth of the knowledge shared by the GLTP trainers is significant, and the classes include hands-on learning models and tools that can be applied directly in the workplace. With a strong focus on leadership and team development, the curriculum also provides lots of opportunities for interaction and discussion with professionals from a variety of industries. As a GLTP graduate and Head of HR, I have become an advocate within Spark Power for the GLTP program, and we continue to send leaders from across our organization to participate.”

Najlaa Rauf, Vice President, People & Culture

Spark Power Corp

“The GLTP helped me learn to slow down and really think about how my actions can impact a situation or teammate. The course also allowed our departments to move beyond our silos and work together better as a team.”

Charlotte Baptie, Regional Accounts Manager

Gordon Food Service

“As a team lead, I have seen firsthand how the improvement of leadership expertise and the development of emotional intelligence within leaders can inspire greater performance in an organization—which has made me extremely excited about my own journey to continuously develop my leadership skillset. The GLTP trainers were exceptional at leading and facilitating the highly interactive training sessions, and they kept the group engaged and motivated by using personal stories throughout the training. I would highly recommend the GLTP to anyone interested in starting their leadership journey or developing their current leadership abilities.”

Andrew Fleetwood, Construction Risk Manager

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

“The Global Leadership Training Program provides insight into the essential concepts required for developing leadership skills and building an ‘A Team’. The format is engaging and encourages continuous learning with expert guest speakers, supporting handouts on learning topics, and breakout discussion sessions with peers. The program has broadened my understanding on the importance of good leadership, the cost of poor leadership, and the right for all staff to have good managers/leaders. I look forward to the upcoming sessions and would recommend this training to anyone in a leadership role without hesitation.”

Brian Sudic, P.Eng., Partner/Vice President/Infrastructure Ontario


“My GLTP experience was extremely positive. I was one of a class of 15, pulled from across Gordon Food Service. The program provided us with a really great platform to connect internally as an upcoming leadership team within an environment where we could really start to thrive, challenge, and hold each other accountable for our own personal improvement and development. I think one of my biggest takeaways from the program—obviously outside of all the individual learnings themselves—was the opportunity to build an internal network, a community that understood each other and would hold each other accountable to the tasks and goals we were each looking to achieve. And I’m forever grateful for that, because there are still multiple individuals from my graduating group who I still connect with on a regular basis, and we still have those true gritty conversations. Any budding or aspiring leader would stand to significantly improve and exponentially grow their leadership skills through this program, not just as a result of their own learning, but also through their increased ability to coach and mentor those around them.”

Jason Kalinowski, North American Business Change Manager

Gordon Food Service

From Leaders who have put people in the Program:

“The curriculum works. I’ve put three people through the GLTP so far and it’s helped each one of them develop their management style and skills. I began to notice positive transitions almost immediately, as they became more professional and deliberate in their approach to things. The program also made them more self-sufficient and able to take on increased responsibility. Ultimately, every extra bit of responsibility they take on, lightens my load and frees up my time to focus on the more strategic long-term goals of the business.”

Andrew Moles, Director, Solar

PCL Construction

“We’re a relatively small company but we’ve had two groups go through the GLTP. It’s difficult to pinpoint the specific aspect of the course that made this person or that person a better leader. Instead, it’s the little incremental things that continually happen. Notch by notch, bit by bit, our people are becoming better leaders.”

Dave Henning, President

Answer Precision

“The Global Leadership Training Program provides an excellent leadership development opportunity for high potential team members. The curriculum is always relevant and the monthly classes allow participants enough time to practice their new skills between sessions. And the one-to-one coaching provides even deeper learning, in addition to personalized guidance and feedback from an experienced CEO.”

Lisa MacNeil, President

Tree of Life Canada

“Weston Forest Products is an organization dedicated to continuous learning. The Global Leadership Training Program has allowed us to take our high performers and high potentials and give them an environment to accelerate their learning opportunities. The people we have put through the program have come out better engaged and better prepared to take on the leadership challenges we want to give them in the future.”

Steve Rhone, President

Weston Forest Products Inc.

“We’ve put about ten people through the Global Leadership Training Program over three different course sessions, and each of them has become more effective in their role as a result. They have been able to take the concepts learned in the GLTP and use them to help develop their own direct reports and teams—creating stronger employees and improving performance throughout our company. One manager in particular underwent a profound change in her approach in dealing with her department. She had been struggling to deal effectively with her people and had become more of a doer than a leader. After taking the course and learning the key concepts of leadership, she has grown in her role to become more strategic, and is able to focus on high-payoff versus low-payoff activities—setting up KPIs, goals and objectives within her department and effectively leading her team to achieve them.”

Peter Garvey, Former CEO

Saand Inc.

“I cannot say enough about the benefits accrued from CEO Global Network’s Global Leadership Training Program, benefitting both one of my most senior executives professionally, but Mayhew as a whole as well.”

Marcia Mayhew, President & CEO

Mayhew Inc.